About us

Company History

More than 40 years of combined experience.

Park Plastic Products was founded by Eugene K. Park in 1972. Then known as E.K. Park, Inc., the company was one of the first distributors of plastic storage tanks in the country. Beginning with only one size of tank, E.K. Park distributed tanks across the East and Midwest and slowly grew the product line through the late 70s.

In August 1994, Peter & Lisa Sorg purchased the plastic distributorship from Eugene Park and renamed the company Park Plastic Products. Since then, Park Plastic Products has grown into many different areas. We now own several molds both for injection and rotomolding.

With his background in agriculture, Eugene Park concentrated his efforts toward servicing the fertilizer dealer and family farm, yet knowing that a huge amount of potential lie in the industrial sector.

In the mid 80s, the focus of the business began changing toward industry. Since polyethylene had a distinct advantage over steel when dealing with harsh chemicals, the time had come to spread the word about plastic.